Telemarket4u is a Virtual Call Centre
We generate quality leads for both New Zealand and Australia’s
most leading trusted Charities & Businesses.  We are PCI DSS compliant.


Telemarket4u offers a Remote Telemarketing Service, our professional team work from home on an approved Call Centre Platform.  

Prospecting for new business is our business

Established in 2013, Telemarket4U has been assisting all market sectors for 10 years, offering a boutique telemarketing service with a dedicated team of professional New Zealand callers who work from home on our approved Call Centre Platform.   

Telemarket4U Ltd has a history in creating new business opportunities for successful brands, large corporations, Charities and SME businesses alike.   

Our telemarketing service is boutique, our clients trust us to deliver a premier service, our team are results-driven specialist outbound communicators offering Charity Fundraising, B2B, lead generation, appointment setting, database cleansing, quote follow-ups, Real Estate Lead Generation & more. 

We at Telemarket4u see ourselves as an extension of your business, geared primarily to find innovative ways to maximise opportunities, ROI driven & results driven.  

We aim to work closely with you to set up your telemarketing campaign to understand objective of calling.  We believe it is important that you speak with the Telemarketer who will be representing your business, this ensures the telemarketer understands your business model and if they have any questions, they can cover off with you direct, and secondly you know who will be representing your business whilst calling is underway.  We prefer not to use set scripts, instead a personalised approach to obtain purpose of call, build rapport and close the call, we find this approach works much better.  Emailed leads come direct from Call Centre Platform when the call has ended into your inbox.  You may also receive at any time .csv file of all leads.  All calls are recorded and available upon request.  Our Call Centre Platform offers comprehensive reporting. 

Charity Fundraising

Telemarket4u believe the right attitude and maturity of our New Zealand team members matters when calling on behalf of a charity. 

Growing your charities income each year is often hard, at Telemarket4u we enjoy helping charities achieve their targets.  Our expertise and experience, coupled with our commitment to customer service have helped our charities achieve results. 

When building our charity campaign we aim to provide as much information for the charity as possible. 

We aim to convert your warm leads from one off donations into regular donations, quarterly donations or annual donations. 

We cold call to connect with new donors to support your charity, all donations matter, no matter the $ amount, small to large, a one off donation or a regular donation will be very welcomed.   We happily educate about the charity whilst on the phone.

We gather information to assist with your future campaigns.  Our aim is to paint a compelling picture and convert.

Telemarket4u is a Virtual Call Centre, and all of our calling is made on a PCI DSS approved call centre platform (AoC certified),  Voice recordings and comphrehensive .csv reporting.

​Telemarket4U fundraises in an ethical manner at all times.  

Business 2 Business

Business to Business often requires a high value professional sales process, which requires real conversations with prospects.

Our mature team of New Zealand calling telemarketing agents have a wide range of skill sets, using our call centre platform ensuring systems and questions are in place to allow for a successful outcome of leads & appointment setting.

We customise each telemarketing campaign to suit your business.   Our aim is to ensure that we target the decision maker within a prospective business and use tailored sales techniques to quickly and effectively develop a valuable conversation for your company/product.


Appointment Setting

Cold calling isn’t easy, but to meet your sales goals you need people on the phone, building that rapport, having the product knowledge every single day. Your sales team will be more productive when they are focused on nurturing relationships and closing deals, leaving the Telemarketing / Appointment setting to us. Telemarket4U can help you jump-start sales cycles by talking with your prospective clients / existing clients.

Our experienced team are professional Kiwi telemarketers and know how to communicate the complex value propositions, having that intelligent conversation associated with your business. 

Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Lead Generation services by experience New Zealand callers. 

Our team of Real Estate outbound telemarketers have the experience in finding out if they are selling (upsizing or downsizing) and the timeframe provided, obtaining email addresses, future selling timelines and appointment setting. 

Product Information Services

If you want to introduce new products and services – but not sure how to handle the increased volume of customer queries or product information requests?   Many of our clients are benefiting by outsourcing the new product/customer service work to us.

Telemarket4U has professional New Zealand telemarketing agents,  you can trust them to be your customers’ main information resource for any product or service. From handling product inquiries to noting down customer expectations and even suggesting new/ alternative products or services, cross-selling or up-selling, our team can not only provide a good support on product information requests but even help boost your sales and generate qualified leads.

Quote Follow up

To meet your sales goals you need people on the phone, building that rapport, sharing the product knowledge every single day.

Telemarket4U are experts in client interaction and can help you follow up on all outstanding quotes, booking appointments by building a relationship with your potential future clients.  

Market Research

Telemarketing surveys are the most cost-effective, efficient method for assessing levels of customer satisfaction. 

The invaluable information can be obtained to help your business build brand loyalty, gain competitive advantages, enhance customer satisfaction, and will ensure any future marketing campaigns are closely aligned with your business vision.

We at Telemarket4U engage your marketplace in a subtle way by probing and gathering information offered, much of which is communicated unconsciously by tone or manner. Intelligent questions are asked, open conversations help us penetrate the top layers of response to sensitively tease out a real opinion and thought.

Telemarket4U uses intelligent dialogue to capture the real essence of what your market thinks and requires.

Database Acquisition

Prior to commencing any telemarketing campaign, talk with us first. 

A quality targeted ‘database’ is recommended and should be purchased from a registered data provider. 


Telemarketers Quote Request

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